Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Store Produce

Onions in nylons, how to store onions, how to make onions last longer, ways to make your produce stay good longer, how do you make it so onions do not rot, how do you keep lettuce from wilting so fast, how do you store cut lettuce in the fridge, what is the best way to keep lettuce good, how do you keep potatoes from sprouting, how do you store potatoes, how do you store apples, what are some easy tips to keep my produce good?There are a few tips you can do to help some of your harvested fruits and veggies from going bad so fast. Of course this can be used for both purchased produce and produce you have grown yourself. You could for example buy enough onions to last through the fall winter and spring at the farmers market. Remember that it is best to store them in a low humidity environment and also a cooler spot in the house. I have a room that dose not have any heating run to it, and if the door is kept shut, it says very cool in there year round. It works for us for now, until I can have my root cellar.

  1. Store lettuce in a salad spinner in the fridge or with a paper towel in the bowl with it to absorb the moisture. That is the biggest reason the lettuce will go bad quickly is added moisture sitting on the leaves.

  2. After harvesting and curing your onions, try using old nylons or pantyhose and putting the onions in one by one with a knot in between to keep them from touching one another and then they will not go bad as fast. Also avoid storing them near potatoes as they make the potatoes spoil.

  3. Store potatoes with apples as the apples keep the potatoes from sprouting

  4. Try using the green bags for some of the other vegetables in the fridge as it helps to relieve the ethane gas emitted by the fruits and vegetables. They can even be used when freezing produce in the freezer.

I would love to hear any other interesting and great ways to help produce stay good longer, so please leave a comment by April 30th about the best way you have found to make your produce last a bit longer. The person with the best tip, I will send some Debbie Meyer GreenBags!

Happy Gardening!

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