Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Easily Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to start your own seeds inside!

Happy Gardening!

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How to Keep Your Seedlings Growing Strong | The Gardener's Spot said...

[...] « How to Easily Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors [...]

What to do in your garden? | The Gardener's Spot said...

[...] Starting seeds either indoors or out depending on the seed. Root vegetables do not transfer well and do quite well being started out in the garden by seed. We direct sow carrots, onions beets, radishes, and also things like lettuce and spinach. If the soil needs a little bit of help to warm up even after the seeds are planted, row cover will do wonders. It is just a fabric that is breathable and lets moisture through (albeit very slowly). You can find it in garden centers and it is actually sold in fabric stores too, although it is not called row cover there. It raises the temperature around 10 degrees so it can help you plant things about 2 weeks early or more. I just place some rocks around to hold it down so that it doesn’t blow off. [...]