Saturday, August 11, 2012

What to do with your garden hose..

One of the things about having a yard and garden, is what do you do with the hose when it is not in use? For about 10 years now, I have just been coiling them up on the ground next to the sprocket. It is fairly easy to  coil them up, but it doesn't look the best and if I have to move it, it gets to be a chore.
I have used the kind you wind up the hose in other peoples yards, and that seemed like a bigger job than coiling up in a circle just on the ground, so I knew I did not want one of those.

Then I learned about Avant Garden Decor website, after looking around a bit, I saw the pot or cauldron type hose holder. Before that I had never seen that type of hose holder before. So when I heard I could get one to review on my blog, I was very excited!

With lid
I received the  CobraCo Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set.  A few of the things I like about it is that it is made from just copper. It will age nicely and look good for a really long time. It is also very large and holds my longest hose with room to spare. It has a very nice design and dresses up my patio nicely. It will be a lot easier to move the hose to sweep around it now. Leaves and dirt liked to gather around the hose before. The center of it has a small post that helps to direct the hose in properly, which works nicely and dose not impede the hose when pulling it out for use.  It has holes in the bottom, so that if water gets in- it will drain out the bottom which is a very nice feature as I know my kids will try that sometime. I like the way it coils up the hose- it is actually quite a bit easier to coil it up now. Even my 7 year old son can now coil up the hose without it getting tangled. It is my sons job to water the pots everyday using that hose. The thing I was most concerned about was it being hard for him to pull it out to use, but it comes out very easily and works much better than before as my hose coiled on the ground would get caught on everything as we would pull it out for use. I am very pleased with the functionality of it along with how it makes my patio look cleaner and more decorative. The lid on top is like icing on the cake and disguises the hose holder. Now I just need another one for my garden hose..

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