Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weed War

Weeds in your garden is every gardeners nightmare. So how do you keep that nightmare from happening? Here are some tips to keep your garden in that heavenly condition.
First, keeping the weeds from going to seed is one of the most important steps. I start early in the spring. When I seed little weed seedling poking their heads through, I promptly pull them out. In the areas that will not have any plants, you can spread pre-emergent around to prevent the seeds from germinating. You also spray the weeds in the implanted area with roundup. Just be careful of wind and over spray as it will quickly kill any little vegetable seedlings.
The second thing that I do is spread a nice layer of mulch around the vegetable plants. This will help prevent the seeds that get blown in from germinating and taking root. It also makes it easier to weed out the ones that are able to take root.

Cover the areas that are walkways and implanted areas with plastic or other ground cover to make it impossible for weeds to grow.
If you live close to a field of weeds, it would be best if you cover the fence, put slats in the fence, or put up a wood fence to prevent the wind from blowing the weed seeds into your garden.
Every day that I go out to check my garden, I pull out any weeds that I find, no matter how small. It really makes it easy to keep on top of if done often. Just be careful not to disturb the roots of the vegetables. Root vegetables are especially sensitive to root disturbances.
Good luck, and Happy Gardening!

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