Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Transplanting Tomatoes to Bigger Pots

So we planted our tomatoes a few weeks ago, and they have been growing well, but they started to look too big for the pots we had them in, and they also started needing water more often. It was time to transplant them into bigger pots to keep them growing well.
First we prepared the extra potting soil by pouring it into a mop bucket and wetting it down so that it clumps together and stirring it around to spread the moisture evenly. We prepare the bigger pots and have them lined up.
Second, we gently tip the tomatoes on the side to pull out the plant. We place it in the bigger pot so that the root ball is at the bottom. Then fill the pot with dirt, making sure not to leave big air pockets. Gently tap down the dirt around the plant. When tomatoes are planted deeply, the stem that is placed under the soil will then grow roots from it.
Lastly water deeply and place back in the light garden.
It is an easy thing to do, but should be done to keep them healthy and growing quickly.
Visit our website for a more complete guide on how to grow tomatoes successfully.
Happy Gardening!

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