Monday, September 9, 2013

How to Make Perfect Compost

Compost is such a great way to save money and make your garden very healthy. If you have tried it in the past and it didn't work I suggest to try it again paying careful attention to what you add. Remember- a good compost pile will not stink!

Happy Gardening!


Karen Peterson said...

Great tips! I have a question though. I compost in wooden barrels. I'm assuming I'm doing everything right because it smells great, like dark, rich soil should. However, I find these rather large, cream/gray colored 'worm' maybe grubs. I have read on line and find differing opinions as to what they are and if they are beneficial. Can you help me?

The Gardener's Spot said...

Yes they are grubs. I have found them also but as I use the compost I just pull them out as I do not want them getting into my garden and eating the roots of my plants. I don't think they hurt the compost but they might hurt your garden. If they are the same thing I have seen, they are quite large and so they are not too hard to spot when spreading the compost. Happy Gardening!