Friday, February 15, 2013

How to Grow the Biggest, Best Strawberries Ever

what is the secrete to growing big strawberries, how do you renovate a strawberry patch,  when do you fertilize strawberries, Growing strawberries is not hard, they like to spread and perpetuate themselves, however, if left to themselves, the production and size of your strawberries will go down .

The key to a big strawberry is a big plant with nice big healthy leaves that it grows on. So how do you get that to happen?

  1. After the snow first melts in the spring, cover your patch with a row cover to start warming it up and giving the plants a head start on growth. Just remember that they might need to be watered as the water dose not get through the row cover a s easily as if there were no cover. You will be amazed at how much this helps them grow.

  2. Renovate the patch right after the harvest of strawberries is over. They need enough space to send off new plants, and will soon over crowed themselves and the production will be poor. I learned this from first hand experience. It will only take you a few hours depending on the size of your patch to do this, and it is well worth it. To learn how to do this, visit our article Taking Care of Your Strawberry Patch.

  3. Fertilize. Right after your renovate your patch, fertilize with an even fertilizer. I prefer organic which is more and more readily available at the garden centers and stores. Then fertilize one more time in the fall. This will maximize the growth of the plants for the next years harvest.

It is that easy! I would recommend to plant your patch in an area that they cannot keep spreading or else they will become a problem for you. After you get a great harvest of strawberries, if any of them make it inside, there are many great ways to use them. Try freezing them for some pretty amazing smoothies, or making homemade jam that wont make it past the summer.


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R achelle Q said...

Great tips! I have never tried to grow strawberries, but have a perfect place to try. Both my parents are master gardeners and I didn't quite get their "green thumb" gene. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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kay said...

what kind of fertilizer can I make for strawberries?

The Gardener's Spot said...

Apply an even fertilizer early spring to green it up and then again after you thin it out in the summer after they have stopped producing. More information is here Thanks for the question, hope it helps!