Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Garden Planner Giveaway!

Garden Planner Giveaway! enter to win a free subscription to the garden online plannerWe have officially launched our garden planner giveaway! We will give away 2 totally Free Garden Planner Subscriptions per week in January! We just might continue it into February if we get a lot of interest. So don't delay and enter now! I personally think it is a great tool for your garden. A well planned garden is always going to produce better than one not planned and thought out. Another great feature about the garden planner, is it will automatically send out an email to remind you what needs to be planted at that time! The information is based on the area you live in, so it makes it really fool-proof!

Spread the word and help in the movement of people growing their own food. Let's change the world by adding one garden at a time!

Happy Gardening!


The Gardener's Spot said...

You can enter as many times as you like. After you enter share the giveaway on your Facebook Page and you will receive on entry for every person who enters through your invite. So getting the word out will increase your chances of winning.

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