Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Are you looking for a great gift idea for the gardener in your life? Here is my top 10 list:

  1. Gardening Book. This is always a welcome addition to the gardeners library from the advanced to the beginning gardener, having a gardening book on hand is always welcome. You will most likely spend around $25 up to $40.

  2. Getting a window herb kit would be a great way to keep the avid vegetable gardener growing through the winter. Plan on spending anywhere from $25-$50 depending on the kit.

  3. Out door temperature gauge is a must for every gardener. We have our thermometor stuck to the outside of our kitchen window so that we can see the temperature first thing in the morning, but a decorative one out in the garden would be fun too. You can spend $20-$40 or more if you really want to spoil them.

  4. Getting a subscription to the Online Garden Planner just in time for them to plan out next years garden. only $25

  5. A watering wand to screw onto the hose is always needed in the garden, and if you have hard water like we do, those only seem to last a few years before they get filled up with spinnerwater deposits. Plan on at least $15.

  6. Having a handy tool organizer in a bucket to keep them handy and to tote them around would be a cleaver gift, or even a tool organizer to mount on the wall for all the shovels, hoes and rakes they have. You can spend as little as $15 for a bucket insert organizer, or around $50 for one to mount on the wall, but the fancier you get, the more you will spend on a gift like that.

  7. It is always nice to get a few decorative things out in the garden like a sculpture, spinner, or plant stand. $20 on up

  8. Dose your gardener have a dehydrator to preserve that food they grow? Or even a rack to hang the herbs and garlic from? $20-$100 or more depending on the food dehydrator.

  9. Every gardener should have a nice gardening hat to protect their necks and faces from the sun in the heat of the summer. Start around $30.

  10. If you really want to spoil that gardener, and they have the space, having an outdoor potting bench would make a very nice addition to the garden. You can find them starting at $100 on up to $500.

Hope this gave you some good ideas to make that gardener in your life happy this holiday season, even if that gardener is yourself.

Happy Gardening, and Happy Holidays!

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