Friday, March 2, 2012

Creating Leaf Mold

What is leaf mold? Leaf mold is broken down leaves that turn into great organic matter. It is an excellent, and free way to add organic matter to your garden soil. So how do you make leaf mold?
First of all the leaves need to be raked up, this can be done in the fall or if they didn't get blown away or raked up from fall, you can still rake them up this spring after the snow melts.
You will need some chicken wire to create a barrel. Just unroll a bit of chicken wire, then tie it together in a barrel. You do not need a bottom to it as long as you do not plan to move it around a lot.

Then simply pick up the raked leaves and pack them into the barrel adding soil every so often. Pack the leaves in tightly and add as many leaves as will fit.

Now move the barrel of leaves to a spot in the yard that you will not mind having it sit for a few years.
Lastly all you have to do is wait. it will take a few years for the leaves to break down enough to use. You can speed up the process by adding nitrogen if you would like, or let it take it's natural course. You will know that it is ready when it looks like it turned back into dirt. It can have some pieces in it still as they will break down quickly when added to your garden.

Simply add the leaf mold to your garden soil, or add on top of the soil around the plants as a mulch. Happy Gardening!

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